Teen Parent Schools in New Zealand


He Puawai, Teen Parent Unit, Fraser High School


Blossoming Forth

Our Teen Parent Unit is situated on the grounds of Fraser High School. The unit is purpose-built and we have welcoming qualified staff. Our aim is to give all students a second chance. Our moto is He Puawai, meaning new beginnings or blossoming forth.

Our objectives are to develop education and training paths as well as develop positive parenting skills. We provide an environment that clearly establishes goals to raise self-esteem and employment opportunities.

Your journey will be one of confidence, competence, character, contribution, connection, coping and control.

“This is my second chance and I am making the most of it!

“I am grateful for a chance to get on in life myself and my baby.

“Even though I am young and a mum, I feel like I am going somewhere now.

We have no option of failure, because if we do we fail not only ourselves but most of all our children.

With this second chance my baby will get the future she deserves.

Succeeding is giving me confidence!