Teen Parent Schools in New Zealand


He Matariki Teen Parent School


A Place for New Beginnings

He Matariki Teen Parent School offers pregnant and parenting teens a second chance at their education in a nurturing, supportive and non judgemental environment. Our school is a fabulous new purpose-built facility catering for 35 students and is governed by Mangakahia Area School. It aims to empower young women to develop an understanding and respect for themselves and their community, and the courage and resilience as young mothers to develop an enduring determination to succeed in all aspects of life.

He Matariki is like the roots of a tree. It’s a firm foundation for good fruits to grow and many branches to create new life. It is a place of belonging and although it is hard to start at a new place, it proves even harder to leave. He Matariki is a loving supportive environment that takes you above and beyond what you expected of yourself. Amongst other mothers or pregnant young women, we learn, we love, help and are helped.


Committed to Education

Our students, aged between 14 and 19, embrace the opportunity to continue their education. These determined young women are committed to gaining their qualifications, developing their parenting skills and achieving their career goals to ensure the best possible future for themselves and their children.


Successful Factors

Three key factors contribute to the success of our school:

  • Positive relationships
  • High expectations
  • Students becoming partners in their learning

Academic achievement is highly valued and celebrated and students can be very proud of their achievement. In 2013 seven students gained NCEA Level 1, six achieved Level 2, and six achieved Level 3 – including three with university entrance qualifications.


Staff and Subjects

He Matariki has a dedicated team of experienced, highly qualified specialist secondary teachers. Individual programmes are developed to best suit students’ needs, learning level and learning style. He Matariki offers the same subjects as in regular schools, but small numbers in classes allows for one on one support with excellent results.

Students are offered a range of opportunities, experiences and short courses such as First Aid, Financial Literacy, Barista and Kiwi Host. These experiences improve confidence, develop skills and broaden the students’ CVs. Importance is given to leadership and sporting opportunities, two things that students may miss out on by leaving mainstream education.

There is a strong emphasis on career planning with recent graduates finding jobs or embarking on tertiary and degree courses in teaching, business, nursing and sport and recreation.


Nearby Childcare

Crucial for creating an environment where students can thrive is the support available for them. The students’ children attend He Kakano, the adjacent Early Childcare Centre, during the school day. Being next door allows them to be involved in their child’s learning. The students have access to a host of support agencies including social workers, counsellor, a nurse, doctor, Youth Service and childbirth education classes.


Free Transport

Transport is provided as this can be a barrier for some students attending school. Learning with other teen parents, the peer support, the social networks and friendships are also important.


Please contact us if you wish to receive more information about He Matariki Teen Parent School.