Teen Parent Schools in New Zealand


He Matariki Teen Parent School


What Our Students Say

“The thing I enjoy most at He Matariki is all the support from the teachers and the other mums here.” says Heather.

“He Matariki isn’t just a school. The things I most enjoy are the people, we become really close.” explains Emily.

“At He Matariki I’m not the only one in my situation, and here I’m achieving.” says Yvonne.

“It gives teens like me a chance to show we can succeed in life and we will for the future of our children.” explains Raylene.

“He Matariki has opened many doors and showed me things I would have never imagined. He Matariki gave me the motivation, confidence and inspiration to be myself and go far with the intelligence I hold. I would recommend for any young mother to come here, it’s a life changing experience becoming a mother, but He Matariki takes you that step further and reassures you, you can do it.” says Toni Povey Birch.

“I am glad I came to He Matariki because I now have a chance to go into tertiary education and provide a better future for me and my family.” says Ayla.

“He Matariki is a unique school and has really pushed me to take the extra step to support myself and be a role model for my kids.” says mother of two Renatta.

“He Matariki is giving us a chance to become something more than what we are now.” acknowledges Tristania.

“It’s great being able to come here to learn when I know my children are being cared for.” says Holly.

“I’ve had so many opportunities and so much support here. I’m so excited to have a scholarship to go on an Outward Bound Course in July. It will be such an amazing and life-changing experience for me.” says Amelia.