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TPU Centre Kawerau


Our Graduates


Kelly Mosses
After leaving the Teen Parent Education Centre Kelly enrolled at the Auckland University of Technology to study a Bachelor of Communications. She is now working at Te Whanau O Waipareira Trust and has been their Communications Adviser for the past three years. Her role involves promoting the Trust by letting the public know about all the wonderful work we are doing for whānau Maori and the wider West Auckland community.

Kelly creates press releases, writes internal publications, updates their website, takes photos and organises events. “I love every minute of it,” she says.“I think my baby was about 4 months when I had learned of the teen parent centre and I jumped at the opportunity”. “I remember the very first day at the centre, I felt privileged to have a second chance to further my education. Plus, most of us were young, so naturally, we had some life skills to discover.” “I learned so much at TPU. The tutors were amazing, patient and had a lot to teach us girls.”


Amy Wooster

Amy completed NCEA level 3 and university entrance in literacy and numeracy. Since leaving TPU Amy has gone on to complete a certificate in health studies and is now studying the bachelor of nursing programme at the open polytechnic. She is about to fulfill her dream of becoming a theatre nurse.


Shannin Miles

Following completed her Level 3 and University Entrance, Shannon went on to successfully graduate with a Bachelor of Nursing Degree at the Waiariki Institute of Technology.


Kandis Bettridge

Completed NCEA Levels 1, 2 & 3 and University Entrance in less than two years while enrolled at the Teen Parent Education Centre. Kandis is now enjoying life on the dairy farm with her partner in Taupō and is looking forward to completing a cookery course as she decides which career path to follow in the future.


Carrie Savage

Carrie is now the Student Liaison Officer at Anamata in Whakatane. Carrie didn’t enjoy school all that much but knew it was important for her in order to succeed her goals and aspirations. Carrie found studying at the centre to be rewarding as it catered for her learning needs and gave her the confidence to pursue employment. Carrie is a regular visitor now at the centre, but on the opposite side of the table as she delivers presentations for tertiary study on behalf of Anamata.


Heatherlea Reedy

“At 16 years old and 5 months pregnant with my first child, I was facing new challenges that made my already stressful life overwhelming. Study was definitely the last thing on my mind. This perspective was all about to change when I met the encouraging and positive tutors of the Kawerau Teen Parent Centre. Their flexible curriculum and genuine interest in my future education made me strive to succeed against anyone who had doubted me. I have recently graduated as an A+ student in a Business Administration course and am going on to study a Diploma in Applied Business in 2013. TPU gave me that extra boost of confidence when i needed it most. Recommended to all .”


Tianna Carter

Tianna didn’t enjoy school all that much … “they were inflexible and I just didn’t understand half the stuff the teachers were on about”. “When I feel pregnant I started to urgently think of what I was going to do with my life, and knew I needed some more schooling to do this so I enrolled at the TPU”. “It was easy to learn there as we did lots of different things and I learnt what I wanted to learn, things that interested me”.

Since finishing at the Teen Parent Education Centre, Tianna has completed a cookery course at Waiariki in Whakatane, and worked for one year at the Kawerau Pharmacy while completing papers in pharmacy assistance. Tianna has now decided to follow her dream and become a primary school teacher and has since been accepted to study at Awanuiarangi for 2013.