Teen Parent Schools in New Zealand


Connected Learning Centre


“He iwi tahi tatou” (We are one people)

Students wanting to continue with their education while parenting are offered similar opportunities to other Teen Parent Units and are also able to attend main school classes for specialist subjects they choose to study such as PE, Art and Media Studies. Once their baby is attending our Haumia Early Childhood Centre, specialist, part-time teachers in the centre provide learning opportunities in a wide range of subjects such as English, Mathematics, Health, Social Studies, Childcare, Home Economics and Travel and Tourism.

Students attending main school classes have their learning supported by teachers in the centre where comfortable surroundings help them to stay focused in study periods. Being so closely linked to the Community and Tangaroa College, we play our part by wearing the school uniform and following the ‘kawa’ of the main school.


Dad’s Welcome

Teen dads as well as mums are welcome to attend the Connected Learning Centre. They are able to attend the main school classes and join their partner for the special programmes offered in tutor periods each day.


Health is Key

Following the principles of the Health Curriculum, there is always healthy food available for breakfast and everyone learns to prepare, cook and share the daily midday meal. While providing the opportunity to explore economical nutritious meals for just $5.00 a week, the conversation and sharing at the meal table helps to further strengthen the core values of the Connected Learning Centre – wairua, respect, integrity, commitment, excellence and especially aroha.

The school nurses, the guidance counsellor and the doctor who visit the main school are all available to the Connected Learning Centre’s students and their babies.



‘Brainwave’ theory has encouraged us to welcome back teen parents with their baby at six weeks of age. This ensures that mother and baby are together through a critical stage of development without educational opportunities being lost and ensures that teen parents feel supported with the most demanding of all jobs-parenting. When babies’ transition to the Early Childhood Centre which usually occurs at three months, students are assisted with managing this change.


Free Transport

To ensure that the wide and relevant curriculum of the Connected Learning Centre is available to students in the Manurewa, Otara and Papatoetoe area, free transport is available to bring students and their babies to and from school.


Community Links

Community links are key to the success of our teen parents. The year begins with Youthline running ‘Standing Tall’, which contributes to establishing a safe environment so students can achieve a greater level of self-awareness and resiliency to cope with the challenge of full-time education and parenting.

Then the ‘Ohomairangi Trust’ runs their ‘Mellow Bumps’ and ‘Mellow Parenting’ Programmes, which help students with their attachment and relationship building. Throughout the year, Family Start Manukau provides our students with social services and delivers the ‘Born to Learn’ programme to enhance babies’ development.

A community midwife and Plunket nurse visit the Centre to save our students time away from studies.


Early Childhood Careers

Students who are interested in following a career in Early Childhood are encouraged to take the Manukau Institute of Technology Level 2 and Level 3 Early Childhood Education Certificates which the Connected Learning Centre is able to deliver.


Keeping it Legal

The Otara Community Law Centre and the local Police educator visit the centre and facilitate sessions about the law, so students are aware of their rights and responsibilities. Our young parents are able to access legal support when they require assistance through Otara Law.