Teen Parent Schools in New Zealand


Eden Campus


A School for Young Mums

Eden Campus was established in 2004 and is situated in the heart of Mt Eden at 16 Ngauruhoe St. At any time during the school year we welcome Year 9-13 students (19 years and under) who are pregnant or who are teen parents wanting to continue or resume their secondary education. A vibrant childcare centre operates on site.


Campus Facilities

Eden Campus is licensed to enrol 30 students and 30 children. It is close to public amenities and transport. A school van operates in the afternoon to help students make connections with buses and trains in the central city. Lunch is provided at a minimal cost. We have well established relationships with our youth coaches, Plunket and district nurses who visit regularly. Services such as counselling and career guidance are available from out host school, Auckland Girls’ Grammar.


Education Opportunities

All new enrolling students are assessed and an individual education plan is developed to suit their unique needs. Students study most subjects through Correspondence School but they are fully supported by teachers on site who encourage students to achieve at their own pace. Flexibility allows students who complete an NCEA level in one subject during the year to move on quickly to the next level without having to wait for a new school year.

Apart from Correspondence School subjects many other courses are available to students, such as parenting, budgeting, first aid, outdoor education and hospitality. Most of these offer the opportunity of gaining NCEA credits.


Staff Credentials

Eden Campus operates with a Head Teacher and four part-time teachers, all of whom are experienced and fully trained secondary teachers. There are specialists in English, Mathematics, Sciences and Humanities. All provide one on one tuition and are committed to teen parent education and achievement.


High Expectations

At Eden Campus we believe that being a teen-parent should not put a stop to education. We have high expectations for all our students. Even if school has not worked out well in the past we offer a new and unique opportunity. Eden Campus helps students to achieve and to be the best that they can be. We always seek to provide a supportive and nurturing environment where mothers and babies can flourish.