Teen Parent Schools in New Zealand


Hiwa-i-te rangi, Northland College Teen Parent Unit

Our Kura is appropriately named Hiwa-i-te-rangi through the reclaimed knowledge of Te Iwa o Matariki (the nine stars of Matariki).  Hiwa-i-te-rangi being the youngest star of Matariki cluster represents the hopes and aspirations of our young people as they navigate through life.  With this star we share our aspirations for the future.

About Us

Hiwa-i-te-rangi is a secondary education provider under the umbrella of Northland College where youth aged parent can safely continue their education journey.  Akonga are empowered to realise their potential through self-determined pathways of learning.  Our commitment is to provide high quality culturally responsive learning opportunities that connect curriculum to the hopes and dreams of young parents in our community.

We are located in a new purpose built building that provides a safe nurturing environment and a home away from home.

Nga kaupapa

Our point of difference is the creative focus we put on education.  Creating inspiring projects in a collaborative environment.

At Hiwa-i-te-rangi, learning is:

  • Determined by students with support from students
  • Integrated across subject areas and the lives of young parents in our community
  • Critical, providing young parents with the power and the tools to recognise and challenge inequality and injustice and to make positive changes in their lives
  • Whanau-based, collective, cooperative, collaborative and reciprocal, i.e. learning is shared
  • Based in strong relationships, with self, with each other, with teachers, with the learning and with the community beyond school
  • Culturally located and allows you to live your cultural norms throughout the school day

We offer foundation studies pre NCEA, NCEA Level 1-3, University Entrance and Vocational Pathways.  Our highly qualified and inspirational teachers will work with each individual student to create an Individual Learning Programme.

Child Care

As part of your enrolment we provide free childcare at Kowhai Corner Childcare Centre which is just across the road from the school.  The Kowhai whanau will give you time at the Centre getting to know them and helping your baby to adjust.  You are always welcome to visit your baby through the day.


If you live withing the Community we can offer door to door pick up for you and your baby.

Health Care

We will assist you to take advantage of the support services available to young parents in the community.  These include Youth Services, Ngapuhi Iwi Social Services, Te Hauora of Kaikohe, Family Start, Plunket, Ngati Hine Hauora, local midwives and the Northland DHB.  Some of these providers will come to the Kura for appointments and we can arrange transport where needed.