Teen Parent Schools in New Zealand


Studying as a Parent

A taste of what attending a Teen Parent unit is like.


Our Teen Parent Units (TPUs) make it possible to study as a parent.

More than just a school, a TPU is a community of young women with the same goal – to finish their college education and provide a second chance for themselves and their child. The nurturing environment allows pregnant and parenting teenage girls a chance to identify, reach and exceed their academic, emotional and social goals to and to develop skills for effective parenting by learning to make choices that have positive effects on their lives.

Teachers and staff help each girl appreciate her potential. You will learn how to develop healthy relationships, tap into the support systems that are so important to young mothers, learn coping skills and discover the many community resources available to you and your baby.



All classes are based on the New Zealand NCEA curriculum. You earn credits towards your level of NCEA. If you choose a work experience programme, there are courses designed to prepare you for work.


On-site Child Care

Teen Parent Units offer on-site early childcare centers. These centers are run by qualified staff or support who will stimulate your child’s development both physically and emotionally.


Community Support

Teen Parent Units have the support of local Doctors, Nurses and Plunket Nurses who regularly visit and discuss any areas you need support with or any areas of concern you may have for yourself or your child.

In order for a teen parent to succeed; support, understanding and education are very important.


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